Rental Conditions

Applicable from 2019-07-15

1. Rent is charged from the day the equipment is shipped or made available for collection until the day the equipment has been returned. In the event that the Lessor arranges for the transport of the rental object, the rental period applies until the day the Lessee has informed the Lessor that the rental object is available for collection at a place specified by the lessee. Minimum charge is 7 days unless otherwise agreed. Rental is charged per calendar day, every day of the week. Note to the rental property must be notified to the lessor no later than 3 days after the rental object has become available to the Lessee. If no comment is made within the time limit, the rental object is considered as received in full condition.

All shipping costs are charged to the Lessee, the delivery terms ExW.

2. Partial billing is made twice per calendar month. Final billing takes place after the return of the equipment, when possible repair costs and/or cleaning that is not due to normal wear and tear/ handling is also charged. Inomec reserves the right to regular adjustments of the billing according to the current year’s price list during the rental period. Payment terms 15 days. Late interest is charged after the due date by 15 %.

3. Rented objects may be used for a maximum of 1 shift of work per day, unless otherwise agreed.

4. Inomec is responsible for normal wear and tear, and inspection and testing before and after leasing. Any damage that is not due to normal wear and tear is charged to the lessee.

5. The lessee is responsible for ensuring that the rental equipment is well cared for and that the maintenance instructions are followed. For supervision and care and use of the machine, the customer must use competent personnel. The lessee is obliged, in connection with the collection and delivery of the rental object, to ensure that they have received instructions for both the handling and the management of the rental object. Upon return, the machine must be cleaned with regard to normal wear and tear and in good condition and functional.

6. Inomec has the right to inspect and test the rental equipment at any time during the rental period.

7. The lessee is liable during the rental period for loss of rental equipment and for damage to the rental equipment, which does not constitute normal wear and tear. If the rental equipment is lost or damaged, the Lessee must immediately notify Inomec. A full loss/damage report is signed and submitted to Inomec upon request. Lost machines and equipment will be charged to the replacement value, which also applies to equipment as a result if the damage cannot be repaired to its original condition. In the event of non-payment, Inomec reserves the right to cancel the agreement without notice and to withdraw the equipment at the lessee’s expense. Rent is charged for the rental object at each rental occasion according to the lessor’s current price list.

8. Inomec is not liable for damages, delivery delays or any interruptions to the tenant or third party, even if errors or deficiencies in the rental equipment are found. The lessee must, during the rental period, keep the rental object insured with full-risk insurance. The lessor and the lessee must have custom liability insurance unless otherwise specifically agreed.

9. None of the rental equipment is intended for lifting people unless otherwise stated. It is the responsibility of the lessee’s employer to ensure that the user has the necessary training for the management of leased equipment. It is also the responsibility of the lessee, alternatively the employer, to comply with national regulations for lifts and, if necessary, ensure that assembly inspection or other compulsory inspection is carried out by a third party.

10. Disputes arising out of the agreement shall be settled in accordance with Swedish law in a general court of law, should the parties do not agree in writing on arbitration.

The lessee confirms that they have read and approved Inomec’s rental terms.

Inomec reserves the right to change rental terms at any time.

Download the rental terms as pdf here!