Inomec has a wide assortment of vaccuumlifts for glass, panel and rocks.

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Vacuum lift

Capacity of 320kg on 4 suction cups and 635kg on 8 suction cups. A lot of nice features with tilt and radio control.

Vacuumlift for panelwalls

Capacity 375kg. Is usually used for handling sandwich panels but can also be used to handle glass.

Glass robot Smartlift

Ideal and versatile machine. Smartlift has wide wheels for more stability, increased passability and to minimize the risk of getting stuck. Can be mounted with a hook for temporary smaller lifts.

CB4 Panellyft

Cladboy is a flexible and versatile vacuum lift for mounting sandwich panels (walls & roof). With the rechargeble battery the job will run smooth during the day and the battery can recharge during night.


Handy vacuum lift is a small and easy to use vacuum lift with a capacity of 120kg at horisontal use. If you have to use it vertically it has a capacity of 60 kg. 

Stone magnet

Easy to use stone magnet that works with vacuum. You can attache two different bottom plates wich gives the machine either 200 or 400 kg capacity. Its driven by a rechargeable battery.