Rent material lift

Do you need to rent a material lift or material lift? Inomec has a wide range of different material lifts and material lifts to assist your project in a simple and efficient way. Material lifting, also called alpine lifting, is available in several different designs and is used to lift ventilation, control cabinets, beams and much more when you need to lift from below. The forks are reversible and there are also accessories such as lifting boom with hook, extension forks or cradle for ventilation pipes.

A material elevator, also called a brick conveyor or material conveyor, is the perfect aid when you want to transport material to hard-to-reach places. Do you want e.g. get material up on a roof or up a slope, a brick conveyor is perfect to use - you do not have to carry and risk physical damage yourself!

Our manual beam lift makes it easy for you to lift beams of different types to a height of 3 meters and can handle up to 600 kg. If you use two, they can handle up to 900 kg. Contact us when you want to rent a material lift!

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