The X-Lift is for crane trucks and is rated for 1600 kg and weighs only 15.4 kg. The X-Lift can be easily assembled in 30 seconds and when not in use it takes up little space in a shipping box under the flatbed.

The X-Lift consists of three parts that sit together with two ring pins and two jumper pins so you do not need tools to assemble or disassemble the X-Lift.

Many grip-friendly handles make it easy to hang the hook on the crane. When lifting large bags, the straps are spared and the bag for the load is straight up and evenly distributed on the four hooks. Stools can also be lifted with the X-Lift, it is important to use four straps that are the same length in each corner of the stool. Pallet collars and goods are not compressed when lifting with this hook.

Dimensions unassembled: length 107.0 cm, width only 7.0 cm, height 21.5 cm.
Dimensions mounted: length 107.0 cm, width 107.0 cm, height 21.5 cm.

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