Gantry Cranes

To perform lifting in e.g. Industrial premises can be a challenge both in terms of weight and space. At Inomec, you can rent a Gantry Crane. A lift from us will facilitate lifting and movement, as well as make the work smooth and safe. We have about twenty different variants of Gantry Cranes, with different heights and lengths of the beams, as they are suitable for different needs. All Gantry Cranes are made of aluminum and are adjustable in different ways. A Gantry Crane is thus a very practical aid for portable lifting work.

Mobile Gantry Cranes in aluminum are very versatile and easy to use and assemble. They are excellent for placing over shafts to lift materials for larger construction projects, but are just as suitable as aids in the workshop and for industrial service as when moving heavy machinery.

Contact us when you want to rent a gantry crane! We always check the equipment before it is rented out and quickly arrange replacement equipment in case something breaks. Renting a Gantry Crane from Inomec is a smart and cost-effective solution for your business!

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Stationary Gantry Cranes

The stationary Gantry Cranes are available in heights from 1530mm up to 3000mm and the beams from 1000 to 7000mm. Depending on the length of the beam, the stand can handle 500 - 2000kg. The material on the stand is aluminum, which makes it easy to carry around.

Mobile Gantry Cranes

Flexible Gantry Crane with wheels that are easily moved around the workplace as long as the ground is leveld. Available in different sizes and capacities (250 to 5000kg). The height of the trestles is adjustable, which means that you can adjust the height a little as you like. Overhead beams are available from 2000mm to 8400mm.

Porta Davit

Flexible crane to bring down/pick up material over an edge. Easily mounted by bolting a bracket to either the floor or wall. Has a curb weight of 19kg which makes it easy to carry around. Just hang any type of lifting block at the top, manually or electrically, then you are good to go. Maximum of 500 kg lifting capacity.

Project picture stationary Gantry crane

Project picture mobile Gantry crane

Project picture mobile Gantry crane
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