Rent chain hoists - Manual, air or elctric

At Inomec you can rent lifts and push-lift blocks! We have a wide range of hoists and regardless of whether you need to rent electric hoists, manual or air-powered hoists, the quality is high and will facilitate your work! Depending on what requirements you have, there are telephones with weight capacities from 250 kg to 100 tons.

If you want to rent electric lifts, we have a number of different variants and with different advantages depending on how and where the lifter is to be used. Enter the lifting height needed and we will adjust the chain length as best as possible according to your needs.

Push-up blocks are suitable for rent for almost all environments and are useful even in explosive environments.

Contact us at Inomec when you need to rent lifts! With our expertise, we can give advice on what type of equipment you need for your particular project.

Contact us for consultation.

See also rigging for cable and mobile power supply. An electric telefer is also ideal for hanging with a beam trolley or a beam clamp. If you need a beam to the ceiling, there are several variants of Spreading racks and loose aluminum beams.