Quality and Environment

Quality and environment are self-evident for our business. We have therefore for many years been quality and environmentally certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Quality- and Environment Policy, Inomec AB

Inomec AB leases lifting equipment throughout the northern europe region and has agreements with most rental companies in Sweden. Our products are from world-leading manufacturers, known for their quality and technical superiority.

Through unique expertise, customer focus and assortment, we will offer construction and industrial customers in the northern europe the best and most cost-effective rental solutions for their lifting problems.

Quality for us is to satisfy our customers requirements, needs and expectations as well as fast deliveries. The quality must be such that it constitutes an essential purchase lead for the customers. This is to be achieved with reliable and efficient goals as well as routines that are ensured through continuous updates and improvements.

It is a matter of course for us to keep informed and follow the content of laws and regulations that affect our business and to meet the requirements that customers, authorities and other stakeholders require and expect from us by a good margin.

We constantly test our operations based on the cycle thinking and prevent and continuously reduce the environmental impact of our operations with a focus on transport. Renting is an advantage for the environment as lesser quantities of products are produced if more can be gathered about them.

Through continuous information and continuing education, we shall make all interested parties aware of their opportunities to contribute to quality and environmental objectives in our operations.

Johan Jonasson
Inomec AB

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