GDPR – Privacy and Privacy Policy

1. General
  1.1 This policy document applies to Inomec AB’s privacy policy for guidelines regarding the processing of personal data and is published on Inomec’s website.

2. Personal Data Controller
  2.1 Inomec AB, 556997-2846 (hereafter known as Inomec) is the personal data controller. Inomec is the largest machine rental company in the Nordic countries for lifting equipment.

3. When do we process your personal data?
  3.1 Inomec handles the personal data needed to use our services, buy our products and be able to enter into lease agreements. We also handle personal data in order to remain in contact with you.

4. What personal data do we gather about you?
  4.1 In connection with the request, we gather information about your name, corporate identity number, your address, your telephone number and/or email address.

5. Why are we processing data about you?
  5.1 The purpose of our processing is to be able to deliver our services to you, establish fully valid and complete lease agreements, management of deliveries and contact or communication. Inomec does not collect any mandatory information that is not directly relevant to the service you wish to use or the agreement that may be entered upon.

6. The legal grounds for our processing of your personal data
  6.1 The processing of your personal data takes place on the basis of our obligation to fulfil our obligations to you as a customer or with your employer, in case you are a contact person as an employee of a customer.
  6.2 We process your personal data to meet our legal requirements such as payment of taxes.

7. How long do we save data about you?
  7.1 Your data is saved as long as it remains relevant and you are using our services. You can at any time choose to remove your data from our systems if you have not entered into an agreement. If an agreement has been entered, we must save the data as long as the agreement is active or where we have a legal requirement to save the data. After that, you can at any time choose to request that we delete said data.

8. Profiling
  8.1 No profiling of your information is made except to note the type of service you use.

9. Who do we provide personal data to?
  9.1 Your data is never disclosed to an external party, but can be accessed in Inomec’s system by Inomec’s partners in the operation, development and service of platforms.
  9.2 Inomec collaborates with the police authorities and can disclose your personal data if the request comes from the police and applies to an ongoing investigation.
  9.3 Inomec does not sell any of your information to third parties under any circumstances.

10. The protection of your personal data
  10.1 Your personal data is stored digitally in a password-protected digital system that only Inomec and its technicians and consultants have access to. Personnel only have access to the part of data that is relevant to their work. In addition to what is required in the form of accounting and contract law, no personal data storage is made manually.

11. Your rights
You always have the right to:
  11.1 Request that Inomec delete all data about you if there is no other obstacle, such as having an ongoing lease with Inomec.
  11.2 Edit incorrect personal data.
  11.3 Get information about which personal data we have about you and request a registry extract.
  11.4 Request removal of non-relevant data and limit the information we have.
  11.5 Addressing the handling of your personal data.
  11.6 Addressing automated decision making or how any of Inomec’s systems automate or handle the data.

12. Cookies
  12.1 Inomec‘s website uses cookies to save which searches you previously made in the search engine for homes and to keep you logged in if you logged in and have not logged out or have chosen to remain logged in. 

13. Contact information
  13.1 Inomec can be reached during office hours (CEST) on +46 (0)8 531 860 45 or by email to . Customer service can answer any questions you have about processing your personal data.